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Sreem Renders Services to deliver Steam Turbines and Accessories, Restitution of Equipment, Assessment of the Engineering State of Devices, Upgradation, Determination of Remaining service Life, Delivery of Spare parts, Service and Repairs, Refurbishment, Relocation of Power Plant Equipment.

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  • Renovation & efficiency improvement.
  • Turbine efficiency study and improvement solutions.
  • RLA studies of Rotors, Blades, Nozzles, Casings and other critical components.
  • Replacement of critical components.
  • Metallurgical and design improvements.
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  • Change of Governing systems.
    Ex: Mechanical / Hydraulic to Electronic systems.
  • Up-rating power capacity.
  • Replacements of steam turbines on the existing foundation.
  • Change of condensing system, Electrical Systems etc.
  • Improvements in Operation & Maintenance procedures.
  • Improvements in startup systems and procedures.
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  • Redesign of the turbine flow path.
  • New blading Design.
  • Optimization to the new defined input parameters.
  • Increase or decrease of extraction or back pressure.
  • Increase or decrease of steam quantity to bleed or extraction.
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  • Blades replacement.
  • Repair and replacement of bladed rotors.
  • Repair & supply of bearings.
  • Replacement of sealing systems and providing better engineering solution.
  • Poor vacuum problems resolution.
  • Generator rotor and stator repair and rewinds.
  • Over hauling.
  • Trouble shooting and resolution.
  • Supply all types of spares by reverse engineering or from customer's documents.